Flawless is a stage play for teens which was converted to a novella.

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Flawless is a stage play for teens which was converted to a novella.

It is a character study of two siblings raised in the same home by both parents whose lives are headed in two totally different directions.  They started out with the same foundation, love and parental care and inclusion, but somehow their value system comes into question for one of them.

Their parents are struggling in their marriage which causes a rift throughout the family home where there was once abundant love and stability.  The teens become painfully aware that their parents’ marital issues are taking a toll on what once was, and it affects them in different ways.

As if that weren’t enough, the pressures of school, their peers, their church and their own bond cause challenges that put everything on the tip of an iceberg. The pendulum could swing to enlightenment or destruction for one of them.

If they can hold on to the principles and values instilled in them from the beginning, and to one to another, the prodigal may be able to return to a humble existence and realize that it’s not always the glitter and gold that need attention, but the soul.

What you invite into your life has a tendency to stay, have a seat and get very comfortable.


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