Black Is Enough: The Culture of Uniqueness


Today’s racial climate is one of boldness.


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Today’s racial climate is one of boldness.

The entitled have taken this forthright stance in our workplaces, churches and communities in America fostering a distinct division supported by the socio-economic systems in place against its most vulnerable citizens.

Poor, working class and elderly African Americans and other affected cultures have already been victims of these systems which press on the neck of already beleaguered people. What began as subtle, tight-lipped and subliminal differences in the ‘melting pot’ are now prevailing in today’s society, which never embraced the differences.

Jenelle Howard grew up believing opportunities were available for any hard working American but she witnesses the increasing level of outright racism brought to the forefront due to widespread incidents of hate across our nation.

White law enforcement, employers and everyday citizens tend to see us as criminals first, not as citizens.

This division weakens us.


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