About Us

Trisha Williams writes fiction that speaks to the human experience.  In the end of each chapter, hopefully you will be able to understand patterns and mistakes her characters make.  We see so much that they don’t.

Many different characters are introduced in these short stories, which are 100 pages or so, designed to keep you entertained throughout.  

I promise you will celebrate each and every triumph as if you know them personally!

Meet The Author

T. E. Williams writes fiction which people of all creeds and backgrounds can  relate to, however ages 16+ is suggested for all works. 

“My God-given assignment is to reach those in the urban community and beyond through fiction.

Our unique issues are highlighted so that many can avoid the unique pitfalls and stumbling blocks we encounter.  The subjects addressed in these short stories, i.e., jumping relationships, teen prostitution, codependency, being misled, runaways, rejection/approval, domestic violence, human trafficking, bullying, suicide, systems that disenfranchise and stalking, are prevalent today and are relatable to any avid reader.

Readers Age 16-99 will find my books entertaining and affordable.

Youth ministries, charter schools and community organizations have purchased books in bulk at a discount rate for the life long lessons therein.

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and thank you for your continued support of IreeSky Fiction, LLC.”

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Trishia Williams