Simone Moncrieff is not a mean girl. She learned early in life sometimes you have to plant your feet, put the wind to your back and fight! When Simone was young, her mother made this very clear to her.  Although she didn't encourage her to be a bully, she knew that life wasn't going to be a ride on a fluffy pink cloud.  She took things as they came, and she also didn't give people more credit than they deserved.

Aurora Trotter lived a more humble existence due to her home life. She struggled to work to help her mother as much as she was able. Her hunger stemmed from knowing what it meant to be without and from sacrifice.  Aurora had her own reasons for keeping a chip on her shoulder.

Both felt they had something to prove to themselves. Together they could make a formidable pair, but it'll take some trust on both their parts to establish the kind of winning team that will get the job done.