'If Only...' is the story of a brilliant young lady who thinks an awful lot of herself. Zilly Conrad sees her world through rose colored glasses and has a strong sense of entitlement.  She has her sights on becoming an FBI Forensics Agent and nothing will stop her from attaining that goal.  Zilly's world is full of favor which she becomes a tad too comfortable with. Her peers either look up to her, want to be her, or hate her for her popularity. She suffers from the grand delusion that the rose petals at her feet will always be there.  If only she could maintain that illusion.  

As Zilly's world suddenly changes she realizes that she is not at all prepared and the snowball effect becomes a bitter lesson.  If she doesn't adapt quickly to her circumstances she might fall hard. Zilly runs when she should stand firm, and lingers when she should run! Her experiences eventually teach her that thinking impulsively can land you in some crazy situations that force you to grow up.  But will it be too late?