The statistics of Domestic Violence are staggering. This unacceptable practice has been in existence since the caveman days. We at Purple High Tops N Stilettos believe firmly that Domestic Violence can be eliminated altogether. Hidden Treasures is the collected experiences of some of the members of this progressive advocacy group who have survived various forms of DV; physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, sexual and cultural abuses to bring awareness and prevention.

Purple High Tops N Stilettos, Families Stomping Against Domestic Violence is where we uplift one another through praise and worship. We are passionate about reaching victims one at a time, transforming them from victims to victorious warriors by healing, empowering, uplifting and enriching the broken spirit, breaking the chains that bind them. Domestic Violence occurs to both men and women, crosses all communities and ages, and negatively affects children. The proceeds of Hidden Treasures will help in the prevention of these abuses globally and will support outreach, resources and safe havens locally. Thank you for your support!