Hidden Treasures Volume #3 is the 3rd Installment of personal survivor stories of Domestic Violence from some of the courageous warriors of Purple High Tops N Stilettos, a progressive non profit agency whose mission is to advocate for people who have negatively endured and continue to deal with issues concerning Domestic Violence and the aftermath on families and communities. DV crosses all barriers, ages, colors, cultures, creeds, backgrounds, level of education and socioeconomic tiers.  Many don't realize the abuses that fall under the category of Domestic Violence.  In this series, Hidden Treasures covers all aspects of DV: Emotional, psychological, physical, cultural, financial, sexual, mental, spiritual which PHTNS deems unacceptable! We are passionate about ending Domestic Violence in all its forms and are actively lobbying to change the current laws which seems to protect the defender than the victim. We are confident that spreading prevention and awareness is key!  ALL PROCEEDS OF THE SALE OF ANY HIDDEN TREASURES VOLUMES ARE DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING SURVIVORS for shelter pantries, toiletries, emergency 'GO' funds and transportation and to continue spreading awareness.  Thank you in advance for your donation.


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